1st level degree in Biotechnologies - Year 2004/2005

Mathematics and Physics Fundamentals

Program of the module:

Physical fundamentals and applied fluid dynamics

Dimensions and units - Idealization, Approximation - Errors

Frames of reference – Components – Operations on vectors: addition and subtraction of vectors, multiplication of a vector times a scalar

Motion in a straight line – Average and instantaneous velocity – Average and instantaneous acceleration – The equation of uniformly accelerated motion – Two dimensional motion – Uniform circular motion and its components – Harmonic motion

Newton’s laws of motion – Weight – Normal force – Friction –Drag – Centrifugal force – Elastic force – Momentum – Conservation of momentum – Examples of conservation of momentum: cannon and bullet, man on the boat – Example of motion in presence of drag: Immunoglobulin – The centrifuge

Energy and Work
Kinetic energy – Work – Theorem of kinetic energy – Potential energy – Conservative forces – Conservation of mechanical energy – Work of non-conservative forces – Energy of the harmonic oscillator

Angular quantities
Angular velocity – Angular acceleration – Moment of inertia – Rotational kinetic energy – Angular momentum – Torque

The Nature of Fluids – Pressure – Hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy – Archimede’s principle – The equations of static of fluids – Stevin’s law – Ideal fluids – The continuity equation – Bernoulli’s equation – Torricelli’s law – The Venturi’s tube – Viscosity and the flow of real fluids – Velocity profile for a viscous fluid – Poiseuille’s equation